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    The meaning of visualife is to bring visual language into the colorful, artistic fabric of life. Imagine seeing a computer-generated character signing, or never seeing signed language partially cut off, or having all text accessible in sign language. Visualife makes this happen.

  • Benefits of multimedia for Deaf People

    A question often asked of Visualife is, “Why do deaf people need multimedia?” The answer is: visual access. Deaf people require visual access to the world around them, and one way to achieve this is to make everything accessible via signed language – whether in education, at work, at home, traveling, or even simply conversing […]

  • Responsive Design

    With the growing number of Smartphone produced in the last three years and the diversity of screen sizes it’s practically impossible to ignore users that browse on a mobile device. Whether they use an Android phone, Windows Mobile phone, a BlackBerry device or an iPhone, whether they are on a tablet, on a Smartphone or […]

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